Praise Reports

Prayer RequestPraise Report
Money for car paymentsSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that I get money to pay my car payments. I am two months behind.The finance company made my account current. Praise God!
Healed from breast cancerSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that a friend of mine, whom is a believer is healed from breast cancer. I pray that no weapon formed against her shall prosper. God's Word says that Jesus' name is above all names. This includes diseases and infirmities. God's Word says that two or more people coming before him shall get results. Please pray that her breast cancer is gone and she is healed in Jesus' name, Amen!My friend is completely healed from breast cancer ans the associated side effects and is restored to full health as 5-22-2016. Amen!!!
Auntie GSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that God will restore Auntie G's health and she will be released from the hospital.Auntie G collapsed lung is working properly again and she has been moved from the hospital to a kindred healthcare facility and is improving
Healing for my catSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that my cat will be healed from all disease and infirmities to include allergiesI have been praying and touching my cat speaking God's Word of life into and over him. He is completely healed! I also put some holy oil on him as well.
JSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that J will get the job today.J got the job and is in a position to hear God's Word and accept Jesus and grow.
light billSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that I can pay my light billGod provided money for my light bill. It was paid 2 days prior to disconnection.
Enough FoodSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that my family will have enough food to eat this month.The Lord provided enough money for food for the whole months. I was even able to get snacks, lol.
My Clients Pay MeSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that my clients will pay the money the owe me and I pray that I will be gracious with them as I need my creditors to be gracious to me.My clients have started paying their past due bills. I will continue to pray that they will be blessed to get caught up and pay in full and on time moving forward.
Car paymentSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that I can make my car paymentMy car payment was made, praise God.
Somewhere to liveSubmitted By: Anonymous
Andy needs a new place to live and pray that his current landlord will stop being abusive and disrespectfulAndy has found a new apartment and is doing well and has peace.
My Business Technology ImprovesSubmitted By: Anonymous
I pray that my business platform will work on all devices correctly, so I can grow my business.My prayer was answered! My apps are no working on all devices. I still ned to improve them, but God made the impossible, possible!